Student Experiences

You've Got A Coach In Your Corner

Brad Barnes
College Admissions Consultant and Author 

My name is Brad Barnes, and I am a private college admissions consultant located in Denver, Colorado.  My life’s work has been helping young people grow and succeed by getting into the right school the first time. But I do more than teach students how to get into college. I also seek to help parents, grandparents, family members, and others who support students by coaching them through the process – after all, applying to school is a challenge for everyone in a young person’s life.

I’ve been doing this work for thirty years, and I’ve helped thousands of students and families. This is my passion, and I never tire of working to uncover a student's passion, find the right school for that student, and help them get in to college, all the while helping folks around the student be their best, too.

Every student is unique, and every circumstance different. I remember one student who earned a 1.8 GPA during high school. He and I decided the best first step for him was to attend a community college. His time there helped inspire a passion for performance and a drive to succeed. I was lucky enough to be on the sidelines, coaching him through a transition to a four-year school, and ultimately watching him graduate with a PhD in Economics from a prestigious university.

I’ve sat in my office, helping students and parents bridge gaps in expectations. I know what it is like when what a student wants to pursue and what the parents envision for their son or daughter are two very different things. In particular, I’ve worked with student athletes who have dedicated their lives to a particular sport, only to feel burnt-out at the end of high school, leaving parents unsure if they should encourage collegiate sports and the possibility of future professional play. I successfully resolved one such situation with the family focused on unity and the future desires of the student. I’ve seen students who’ve experienced difficulties ranging from poverty to loss; I’ve also watched those students use adversity to push themselves on to rewarding educations and productive lives as leaders in communities across the world. I will never cease to be amazed by how resilient, bright, and strong young people are.

My hope is that by working together, students and their families will be on the same page about the future, and what it takes to get there. My services are a way of giving students the playbook, enabling them and their family to benefit from my three decades of college coaching.