Student Experiences

Benefits of College Admissions Counseling

Reduce Stress

Your teenager will only be home a short time longer, why spend it arguing over college choices. The coach helps parents and students work through the college selection process without the stress. Full Passage will show you how to apply for college.

Save Money

Understanding how to apply for college is one part of the picture. Learn how to make the most out of the financial aid system. We'll show you the differences between merit-based and need-based scholarships. Learn tactics for negotiating and rebutting college offers. The personal clients of Brad Barnes, unique among college admissions advisors in CO, receive an average financial aid award much higher than those who do it on their own.

Save Time

With 30 years experience in college admissions, Brad knows the system and how to apply for college. He knows how to make the process less intimidating for both students and parents. Brad's system has been refined and streamlined, eliminating unnecessary work, expenses and wasted efforts.

Expand Possibilities

Don't let your preconceptions limit your mindset. College Admissions Consultant Brad will help you figure out what schools are really within your reach. He will show you how to get into colleges you previously did not think possible. Brad will teach you how to apply for college.

Good College Admissions Decisions

Avoid the time wasting and expensive lessons of choosing the wrong college the first time. We'll help you apply for the right college the first time. Quickly learn from college admissions counselor Brad Barnes' years of experience and find out what makes a college a good fit for you, your goals and your family's budget.

Myths & Truths About College Admissions

The coach clears up the common misconceptions that could cause problems in the future if not addressed in the earlier stages of college planning. Follow his advice so you’re a well informed college applicant.  You'll learn how to apply for college and how to get into the right college for you.

The Coach's Lists

When you learn how to apply for college, to which colleges do you apply? Because a college is well known does not necessarily mean it is the right college for you. Check the coach's lists for some hidden gems that might make a better choice for your circumstances and career plans. Yet another benefit that makes Brad Barnes unique among college admissions advisors in CO.


Brad Barnes shares his tips and techniques for efficiently preparing for the SAT and ACT tests without spending a fortune. Doing the best on these tests is a critical part of applying for college.