Student Experiences

How to Get Into College

Learn how to get into college from a proven professional with a time-tested process. Full Passage has been helping students prepare for and succeed at the college admissions process for over 30 years. Private college admissions consultant, Brad Barnes has personally helped thousands of students and their families succeed with his winning plan.

Brad personally works with students and parents to ensure that families openly discuss possible college choices. Brad and his team also reviews each student’s application, essay and other related materials to ensure everything is properly completed, accurate and ready for presentation. This helps avoid common mistakes in the application package and encourages the admissions committee to look at the student beyond what their GPA and test scores may indicate.

Brad also understands that each student is a unique individual in order to bring out their best. He takes the time to learn about the student and recommends “marketing” strategies to help them show their strengths. This will allow them to stand out from the crowd.  Brad can show you how to get into college.

In addition to the college application, Brad recognizes that financial aid is a crucial process, regardless of income or status. Brad assists his students with the financial aid forms, and reviews them to help eliminate many potential costly errors while maximizing the student’s monetary awards.