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We are located near Fiddler's Green.

From I-25 and Orchard Road:

  1. Head west on Orchard Road to Greenwood Plaza Boulevard.
  2. Turn left on Greenwood Plaza Boulevard to South Syracuse Way (the first stop light).
  3. Turn right on South Syracuse Way.
  4. You will pass the first complex and continue on to the second complex, Syracuse Hill One.
  5. Turn right into the complex, our building is the first one on your right, Syracuse Hill One, Suite 109.
  6. If you get to East Caley Avenue, you’ve gone too far.

From South Quebec Street: 

  1. From South Quebec Street, head east on East Caley Avenue.
  2. Turn left on South Syracuse Way.
  3. Continue to the third driveway entrance.
  4. Turn left into the complex, Syracuse Hill One. Our building is the first one on your right, Syracuse Hill One, Suite 109.
  5. If you get to Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, you’ve gone too far.

Test Prep Services

We are not just another test prep service.

When it comes to the SAT and ACT tests both students and parents are anxious. We’re here to lessen that anxiety by offering SAT/ACT prep classes that are geared towards and are adaptive to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

We understand that students and parents are busy, plain and simple.  Our service is concise, efficient and manageable for the busy students of today.  Our program is designed for maximum results.

Here at Full Passage we’re not going to waste your student’s time by lumping them in with every sort of learner. Instead, we’re going to assess where they are, where they need to focus their attention and help them earn their best score possible.

Our teacher-led classroom is not your typical environment.  In our classroom, we engage the students while providing a comfortable, productive environment. Our classes are small, but our results are big. The smaller class size will assure that our students are getting the most out of our classes as well as provide an environment that allows students to feed off each other's questions. Our proof is your student’s improved test score. Our classes are also paired with private tutoring to maximize our students' success.

Our testing is designed to allow students to use the techniques they have learned in our classroom.  We believe our students should practice what they will “do in battle,” so our testing environment will mimic what they will experience during the official test.

We know our stuff!

Teacher At WhiteboardWe have over 35 years of experience with students and parents. We know every nuance of the exams… couple that with our dynamic, energetic instructors and your student will walk away with results!

Your expectations? RESULTS! Our expectations? RESULTS! We are here to prepare your student for the exam. We’ll all commit and get it done together!

Our program works because we engage your students on all levels. We create a classroom environment where students can feed off each other, and our materials reflect what is really going to be covered on the test.

How does this work?

Our classes dive right into the heart of the test during instruction and practice testing sessions. The private sessions will enhance the classroom work and allow students to tackle their weakest areas. All of our sessions consist of 6 weeks of teacher-led classroom work, 2 fully proctored practice tests, and 6 hours of private tutoring.

All of our scheduled classes are in conjunction with an official test date. That way, your student will be able to use the techniques they’ve learned in the classroom immediately after the final week of class.

How are we different?

Prior to the commencement of the first class, participants are encouraged to attend testing sessions in order to establish a baseline score for each test (ACT and SAT). Our classes include 15 hours of teacher-led classroom work, two practice tests, and 6 private coaching sessions. Our classes culminate with an intense boot camp for total of 25 hours of preparation prior to most national testing dates. Our classes and practice testing sessions are conducted over six weeks with classes held mostly on Sundays and practice testing sessions conducted on Saturday mornings.

Our classes are uniquely designed to prepare students for both exams. For students who sign up for an ACT-focused class, we offer an SAT boot camp class that covers the differences between the SAT and the ACT and is held in conjunction with most official national SAT with writing exam testing dates. Similarly, for all students who sign up for an SAT-focused class, we offer  an ACT boot camp class before most official national ACT with essay exams. The bottom line is that we have our students covered for both exams regardless of their test focus.

The SAT exam is much closer in content and test format to the ACT. This means our classes, regardless of focus, will prepare our students for both exams. While there are still key differences in the exams, the similarities mean we can offer a unique, full comprehensive preparation program in every class.

All Full Passage students are encouraged to attend our ACT and/or SAT boot camp sessions prior to retaking an official exam.  These are held prior to most official national testing dates.

We understand that not every student will be able to take one of our classes and might benefit from private instruction. In addition to our comprehensive full service classes, we also offer a private instruction program for our students. These programs are built specifically to meet each student's needs: schedule, focus and practice.


SAT/ACT Class Test Prep
(15 hours of classroom instruction coupled with 6 hours private one-on-one;
2 proctored practice tests & a 4-hour boot camp)

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Testing Services
(Fully proctored practice SAT or ACT test)

More Details

SAT, ACT or PSAT Boot Camp Class
(1 day intense class that is designed for students with prior test prep experience.)

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Private Tutoring

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Do you have a more customized program in mind or are interested in group pricing? Call us for more details on our custom package pricing.

2021/2022 Sessions:

SAT/ACT Classes:

Class Dates: Days Location  

Prepping for 2022 February ACT

Class Dates:  01/02/2022 - 02/06/22

Sun.:  Class*

Saturday:  Mock Test

Greenwood Village


Prepping for 2022 March SAT

Class Dates:  01/30/22 - 03/06/22

Sun./Mon.:  Class*

Saturday:  Mock Test

Greenwood Village


Prepping for 2022 April ACT

Class Dates:  02/20/22 - 03/27/22

Sun.:  Class*

Saturday:  Mock Test

Greenwood Village


Prepping for 2022 April State SAT

Class Dates:  03/07/22 - 04/10/22

Mon./Sun.:  Class*

Saturday:  Mock Test

Greenwood Village


*Click on "Greenwood Village" link associated with the class for more details.

SAT/ACT/PSAT Boot Camp Classes:

Our SAT/ACT Boot Camp is a condensed class designed for students who may have had prior test prep experience or who have prepped on their own and are looking to pick up additional and/or new techniques and strategies to use on exam day.

Our PSAT Boot Camp is geared towards those students who are trying to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program. If your student is roughly at a 1390 on their PSAT10, then this may be the boot camp for your student.

The SAT/ACT boot camp class consists of 6 hours (or 4 hours for our mini boot camp class) of classroom instruction and practice. The PSAT boot camp class consists of 5 hours of classroom instruction and practice.

Dates Days

Prepping for the February 2022 ACT?

ACT Boot Camp Class:  February 6, 2022




Prepping for the March 2022 SAT?

SAT Boot Camp Class:  March 6, 2022




How do I register?

To register for classes, please click on the registration link to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: or call us: (303) 770-0797.